Disinfect Group partners with beMatrix to provide entry point solutions globally.

Disinfect Group, the manufacturer of safe entry point solutions for large scale expo venues, museums, sports venues, music venues, airports and theme parks, announced today their partnership with beMatrix, the world’s leading manufacturer of modular building systems to be their official frame supplier for Disinfect Group’s sanitization tunnels.

Disinfect Group specializes in tailor made safety solutions including their sanitization tunnels that channel guests, fans, customers, teams and staff through specialized entry points that spray a proprietary dry disinfecting mist. These entry points ensure that every person on site has been through some basic hygiene and disinfection prior to gathering in crowded venues and areas of high foot traffic. “Our units not only add a layer of safety within a location, but also a level of reassurance to everyone on site”, says Dieter Veulemans founder of Disinfect Group. “Our units help create a sense of safety allowing guests to re-engage at these types of locations”.

beMatrix frames allow Disinfect Group to offer custom entry point solutions for every size venue. Tara Ericson, CEO of beMatrix USA said, “We couldn’t be more excited to be partnered with Disinfect Group. Our modular frame system and LEDskin screens are the perfect fit to meet the structural and distribution needs of their sanitization tunnels, dry mist product, temperature checker, and visitor counter”.

Vinny Antonio, President of Disinfect Group USA, said of the announcement, “Our partnership with beMatrix will allow us to quickly get our products to the businesses who are working to open back up. It’s about helping their customers feel safe, and we believe we have the right tools to do that”.
As the world continues to recover from covid-19, recent surveys still suggest that people are reluctant to gather in large events or venues. This is where Disinfect Group and beMatrix come in, “We can offer single channel to sixteen channel entry point sanitization tunnels allowing us to truly cater for any size venue, festival or application” said Antonio. “We believe these tunnels are the future in a post covid-19 world”.

About Disinfect Group: 

Disinfect Group has an extensive network of offices and sales outlets in the United Kingdom, The United States, Austria, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Malta, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sub-Saharan Africa, Japan, Canada and Indonesia. Disinfect Group’s team includes more than 250 people worldwide, and they have been working with top clients in the NFL and English Football League as well as Carrefour supermarkets in Europe, and at airports in both Singapore and Australia. For more information please email vinny@disinfectgroupusa.com or find your local office at www.disinfectgroup.com.

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